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Lineco Basics 100% Rag Gallery Mat Board NEW

We've taken the most popular colors of our 100% cotton rag mat board and made it available at the lowest price imaginable. And we didn't skimp on quality. This board is made with 100% cotton fibers, with solid ... read more

Lineco Conservation Mat Board NEW

Lineco Conservation Board features pigmented conservation quality surface papers and a high alpha-cellulose conservation core. Bleed and fade resistant throughout, Lineco Conservation Mat Board is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and is available in the most popular colors. Price per ... read more

Pre-Cut Presentation Mat Kit NEW

Presentation mat kits are made of archival 100% rag museum mounting board and Lineco archival photo tabs. Each kit includes 2 sets of 4-ply window mats and 2-ply backer boards, photo tabs and complete instructions. The backer ... read more