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Belgian Rice Starch

Similar to wheat starch, but it yields a lighter, thinner starch adhesive paste after cooking. NOTE: Must be cooked. See recipe below.

Methyl Cellulose Adhesive

A neutral pH, water reversible adhesive that drys clear. Use for repair, gluing end sheets and general archival adhesive applications.

Wheat Starch

A very carefully purified, uncooked food-grade wheat starch. When cooked, it makes a superior smooth wheat paste adhesive. NOTE: Must be cooked. See recipe below.

White Neutral pH Adhesive

Freezing temperatures adversely affect these adhesives and we are unable to ship during cold temperatures because of this.  We regret any inconvenience. Please check out list of local stores  that carry a variety of Lineco Products.   Lineco acid-free adhesive has excellent lay-flat properties ... read more