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Frame Sealing Tape

Developed specifically to seal backing board to frames, this pressure sensitive tape attaches firmly to almost any surface and conforms well to most surface irregularities. Manufactured from our exclusive Perma/Seal label stock with a foil layer, a non-yellowing, permanent acrylic ... read more

Self-Adhesive I-Film Frame Sealing Tape

I-Film features Corrosion Intercept, a polyethylene embedded with a copper matrix which is coated with an acrylic adhesive. It is flexible, strong and puncture resistant for easy application. Helps retard acids, corrosive gases, and resists mold and mildew. Strong adhesive ... read more

Tyvek Tape

This pressure sensitive white polyethylene Tyvek tape displays incredible tenacity, even under the most rigorous of circumstances. Uses include hinging mats, binding folder spines, performing book repairs to battered books as well as a variety of other uses. The pressure ... read more

Volara Foam Rabbet Tape

This inert, .0313'' thick foam tape features an aggressive acrylic adhesive for lining frame rabbets. Protects canvas transfers, digital media and other forms of art by providing a cushion. Each roll measures .25'' wide x 36 yards. Price per roll.