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Acid-Free Binders Board

Use University Products' acid-free binder board, if quality bookbinding is your goal. Only the highest grade binder board is good enough to withstand the severe stresses to which books are subjected. This board is available in standard sizes at a ... read more

Ball Handle Heavy Duty Awl NEW

The ball handle awl is ideal for punching heavy duty material. Price each.


Beeswax is the traditional material used by conservators and book binders for waxing thread to make difficult sewing jobs easier to accomplish. Sold in 1 oz. blocks.

Binding Tape

Genuine linen tape is closely woven for strength; 0.375" width accommodates most popular size books.

Binding Thread

Strong genuine Irish linen thread. For hand sewing. Expands with moisture to prevent tears in paper.

Bone Clasps

The art of Japanese bookbinding challenges the imagination and creative talents of the craftsperson. Bone clasps are useful to add the finishing touch to this process. Two sizes are offered. Price per package of 3 of the same size.

Bone Scorer

Makes an excellent crease in paper or marks a line without using pencil. Genuine cattle bone. 4.875" long.

Bookbinders' Needles

Sized to accommodate sturdy bookbinding threads, these needles have a length that is easy to handle and a slightly blunted point to reduce paper snags. Manufactured from the finest grade steel. Price per package.

Curved Bookbinder's Needles NEW

2.5 inch (full length) curved needles ideal for coptic stitch bookbinding and book repair. 3 needles per package.

Extra-Heavy Duty Awl

A wooden ball handle fits the hand comfortably for heavy duty punching while providing good control. Price each.

Genuine Bone Folders

This selection of genuine bone folders offers a variety of different design elements that increase the versatility of the tool while providing additional comfort to the user. They can be used for making creases or folds on tapes and papers ... read more

Glaze Padding Compound

Make your own pads, forms, ect. with our easy-to-use padding compound. Simply stack pages flush, brush with compound and allow time to dry. Paper may easily be removed from finished pads one at a time. Price each.

Glue Brushes

Designed for bookbinding and adhesive applications, the dense natural bristles load and carry lots of glue and spread glue evenly over large surfaces. Metal free construction will not rust.

Heavy Duty Awl

A large handle allows control and a strong grip. The fine point produces holes properly sized for sewing.

Light Duty Awl NEW

A light duty awl adequate for many bookbinding projects. The fine point produces holes properly sized for sewing.

Lineco Book Repair Kit NEW

Basic supplies needed for simple book repair and cleaning. Use for book repair, and conservation applications. Click on the Features Tab to see full list of the Book Repair Kit contents.

Lineco Bookbinding Tool Kit NEW

The perfect kit for beginner bookbinders and craft makers. All tools are carefully selected for quality and are easy to use. Click on the Features Tab to see full list of the Bookbinding Tool Kit contents.

Medium Duty Awl NEW

Made of stainless steel and featuring a beautifully designed curved handle, this awl combines excellent control and good punching force. Price each.

Micro Spatula

This spatula is wonderful for applying paste to small areas and other delicate binding and repair tasks. The springy ends enable precise control and the polished stainless steel cleans easily. Spatula is 7.5'' long.

Screw Posts and Extensions

Our screw posts are just the thing for creating albums, journals and homemade books. Price per package of three posts.