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Ball Handle Heavy Duty Awl NEW

The ball handle awl is ideal for punching heavy duty material. Price each.

Curved Bookbinder's Needles NEW

2.5 inch (full length) curved needles ideal for coptic stitch bookbinding and book repair. 3 needles per package.

Light Duty Awl NEW

A light duty awl adequate for many bookbinding projects. The fine point produces holes properly sized for sewing.

Lineco Book Repair Kit NEW

Basic supplies needed for simple book repair and cleaning. Use for book repair, and conservation applications. Click on the Features Tab to see full list of the Book Repair Kit contents.

Lineco Bookbinding Tool Kit NEW

The perfect kit for beginner bookbinders and craft makers. All tools are carefully selected for quality and are easy to use. Click on the Features Tab to see full list of the Bookbinding Tool Kit contents.

Medium Duty Awl NEW

Made of stainless steel and featuring a beautifully designed curved handle, this awl combines excellent control and good punching force. Price each.