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2'' Foam Brush

These disposable 2" foam brushes are great for gluing and finishing. Made with wooden handle and a tough plastic support panel. Ideal for use with stains, varnish and urethane finishes.

BBH Heavy Duty Awl

Our Heavy Duty Awl allows you to make holes for easier sewing in the toughest materials. It features a large handle that fits in your hand for comfort and power, and a thin point that makes holes perfectly ... read more

BBH Light Duty Awl

Designed for easy gripping and sewing, these awls have thin points that make precision holes sized for thread. A light duty awl adequate for many bookbinding projects. The fine point produces holes properly sized for sewing.

BBH Self-Adhesive Photo Corners

Don't let inferior corners damage your important photos/art. Our Archival Photo Corners are .5" and made from acid-free paper with safe adhesives that won't harm delicate photographic emulsions. Available in black, ivory or kraft. Price per package ... read more


This undyed all natural beeswax cake can be used in many types of craft and hobby projects, including bookbinding. It can also be used for waxing thread to reduce tangles.

Binders Board

79 pt. acid free, pH neutral composition paper board used for construction of book covers. Can be covered with any material.

Binders Needles

Pack of 5 book binder's needles. Sized to accomodate the sturdy bookbinding threads, these needles have a slightly blunted point to reduce paper snags. Actual length of needles 2.25 inches.

Bone Folder

6" Genuine Bone Folder. Use this classic versatile tool for creasing, folding, scoring, burnishing and a variety of other applications in bookbinding, scrapbooking, cardmaking and more.

Bookboard Punch

This bookboard punch is made from heavy duty alloy steel. It has a hardened cutting edge; and will punch a 1/4" hole into paper and bookboard. This bookboard punch is used with a hammer or mallet; almost ... read more

Cotton Head Band

This ivory colored head band is made of 100% cotton. It's great for binding codex style and casebound books.The band is 60 in. long.

Foam Roller

This 3" Foam Roller can be used for gluing, painting, stenciling and printmaking.

Linen Binding Tape

This 3/8 inch x 60 inch genuine linen binding tape is closely woven for strength. It is unbleached, unsized and suitable for sewn book signatures.

Linen Thread

50 yards of strong unwaxed linen thread for use in bookbinding or a variety of craft projects.

pH Neutral PVA Adhesive

Books by Hand acid-free adhesive has excellent lay-flat properties and dries clear. Easy to use professional quality adhesive is water soluble when wet so it can be thinned with water to extend drying time if desired. Ideal for bookbinding and ... read more

Ribbon Threading Needles

Three blunt point large eyelet needles for threading ribbon through holes in ribbon bound books. These needles are also perfect for stitching books with heavy thread. Needles measure 2 inches long.

Screw Posts

These Screw Posts are typically used to bind albums and memory books, but can be used for anything that requires secure binding. Screws are made of heavy-duty, professional quality aluminum. They come in packages of 6. Available in lengths of ... read more

Waxed Linen Thread, Package of 3

5-Ply Genuine Linen thread with a wax coating for hand-sewn bookbinding. Three spools per box, each 20 yards long.