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Archivalware 4-CD Pages with Corrosion Intercept Technology

These pages will hold 2 CDs in front and 2 in back. The overall size is 5.75" wide x 10.125" high and will fit in our Perma/Dur Albums as well as in most standard 3-Ring Albums. Price per package of ... read more

Archivalware 8-CD Page Storage System

Our Archivalware Storage System is comprised of a sturdy 3-Ring Album and a matching Slipcase for easy stacking and light/dust protection. Album has 1.5" D-Ring system. Maximum capacity is 15 pages (120 CDs) per album. Overall size is 11.25" ... read more

Archivalware Angle Flap Pockets with Corrosion Intercept Technology

One side made of smooth Corrosion Intercept material and the other side is clear 4.5 mil polyethylene. The flap is scored for easy tucking inside. It can accommodate CDs, DVDs , Zip Discs or booklets up to 5.375" x 5". ... read more

Archivalware Photo/DVD Page w/Literature Pocket (Corrosion Intercept Technology)

A 7.5" x 5.125" upper pocket holds standard DVD literature or Photo CD index print while the 5.25" x 5.125" houses the corresponding disc. Pages fit in standard 3 Ring Binder. Overall page size is 9.25" x 11.375". Price per ... read more

Archivalware Pockets with Adhesive Backing and Corrosion Intercept Technology

This little CD pocket has the advantage of Corrosion Intercept technology to actively protect the metal layer of your discs from corrosive gasses in the air which can lead to data loss. CDs, DVDs, Computer Software, and Photo Discs will ... read more

Corrosion Intercept CD Protectors

Atmospheric ozones and ultraviolet light as well as static electricity can be potentially lethal for CDs. These new Corrosion Intercept CD Pockets offer the protection from all three. Your music or your data can be protected from these harmful elements. ... read more

Peel-Stik Polypockets NEW

Identify, protect and organize using clear archival polypropylene adhesive back pockets. Available in many sizes for different applications including index cards, photos, sports cards, business cards, or add a pocket to the inside of a binder, album or journal. The ... read more

Perma/Dur CD/DVD Albums

Available in 2 sizes to accommodate either 4-CD or 8-CD pages, Perma/Dur® Albums are archival and made with sturdy acid-free binder board which is covered with Black F Grade library Buckram bookcloth. 1" slanted D-rings will accommodate 10 pages. Albums ... read more