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Darkroom Gloves

This ultra-thin PHA fiber glove is comparable in quality to the name brand gloves at half the cost.  Excellent sensitivity to touch with a wide elastic cuff for comfortable all day use. They are lint free, dust free, reusable and ... read more

Generix Pro-Pads

Generix Pro-Pads are a non-abrasive, ultra soft and lint-free wipe. These wipes are designed for use on critical surfaces without scratching when used with the proper cleaning fluid such as Generix Pro-Cleaner. PRO-PADS are safe for emulsions, optics, scanners, copiers ... read more

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine Sleeves have been a traditional favorite storage medium for phto professionals because they offer the convenience of easy handling and affordability. Sleeves are made of pH neutral non-plasticized glassine paper. They are available in popular photographic film and print ... read more

Glassine Rolls For Large Format Prints

Acid-free glassine is transparent and smooth and can be used as an interleaf. Price per roll.

PEC Pads

These lint-free photo wipes will not scratch or fall apart. Great for prints, negatives, slides, lenses, etc. Ideal for use with PEC-12 Photo/Slide Cleaner. Price per package of 100 4'' x 4'' wipes.

Unbuffered Interleaving Glassine

This traditional interleaving material is translucent, acid-free, and unbuffered. Use glassine (25#, 40 gsm) for a variety of conservation applications. The surface is very smooth and has a pH of 7.0. Its light weight makes it easy to fold yet ... read more