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Use this kit to make a small Post Bound Album with 24 Ivory pages. Overall size: 9.75" x 5.5". See Resources Tab for downloadable instructions.

This DIY kit includes: easy-to-follow assembly instructions, precut binders board, bookcloth, decorative paper, screw posts, pages, and end leaf papers.

Just-the-pieces (JTP) kits contain die cut board and pages without decoration. Once you make a project with our complete kits, JTP provide an economical way to be creative with decorations of your own choice.


Please Note: Small Post Bound Album Kit in White Ostrich (BBHK108-5) does not include the bookcloth and requires different set of instructions.


Summer Dasies
Green & Black
Beige Baroque
Cosmic Spots
Desert Flowers

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Complete Kit
BBHK108-3 Beige Baroque $21.95 00155 7
BBHK108-12 Cork $21.95 00196 0
BBHK108-9 Cosmic Spots $21.95 00138 0
BBHK108-11 Desert Flowers $21.95 00264 6
BBHK108-2 Green & Black $21.95 00236 3
BBHK108-8 Summer Daisies $21.95 00098 7
BBHK108-4 Turquoise $21.95 00252 3
BBHK108-5 White Ostrich $21.95 00184 7
BBHK108-1 Windmils $21.95 00221 9